Man – The Troubled Sea


This is an excerpt taken from the article called The Deceitfulness of Sin in the study of the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 3, verse 13. The Troubled Sea of Humanity         All the evidence of His Person as the Son of God was before them, and they believed Him not.…

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Quotes – October 2016

Quotes October 2016 The world never gives, it may concede something to us, if we concede something to it, but it never gives. That which is required by it is, generally, the sacrifice of faithfulness”. . . (to God). – J. N. Darby A particle of dust in your eye…

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The Peace of God – Part 1


The Peace of God Part 1 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7) For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another.…

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Divine Life and the Third Day


Genesis 1:9-13 Divine Life and The Third Day And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so. (Genesis 1:11) And the earth brought forth grass,…

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Quotes – September 2016

Quotes September 2016 The serpent did not reveal himself at the tree of life, but he revealed himself at the tree of death: the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. – Michael Haigh There is a very great difference between being in the circumstances of this life, and…

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What Is Jubilee?


Genesis 1:9-13 Divine Life – Part ii And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. (Genesis 1:9) And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he…

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Quotes – August 2016

Quotes – August 2016 Re: Christ: He was here for you, now you are here for Him. – Michael Haigh If Jesus Christ was the Son of God incarnate then we should naturally expect Him to be born in a way none other ever was. If He came here on…

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Quotes – July 2016

Mercy is not a gift, but a tool that God uses to display His compassion and sympathy. – Michael Haigh The gospel goes out from the center – from Christ Himself. It is the Lord Himself, and not the reading of Scripture, which transforms . . . us into the…

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Mortal Man


Mortal Man Genesis 4:25, 26 And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew. (Genesis 4:25) And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and…

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